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Back to School Checklist: Make Your Student’s Eye Care #1

The start of another school year is just around the corner. Many of us have made our list of things we need to do and purchase in order to properly prepare our children for another year of formal education. When you’re out visiting the mall buying new clothes or filling up your shopping cart with notebooks, pens, pencils, backpacks, organizers and similar school supply items, don’t forget to squeeze in a worthwhile visit to the eye doctor for an exam. In fact, eye care for your student(s) should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:

The Best Learning Method

Extensive research in educational theory has shown that visual learning is among the very best methods for teaching students of all ages how to learn. According to research, students remember information at a much higher rate when that information is presented visually. The optimal presentation for learning and retaining information is a blend of (1) visually seeing the information; (2) verbally saying or hearing the information and; (3) physically writing the information.

Visual Clarity Affects Learning

How do you react when you see a complex diagram or an abundance of written text? Is your first reaction to jump right in and study it further or do you reluctantly approach it? How do your children (students) approach information like this?

Many studies show that visual clarity of information being studied greatly impacts the ease at which it is learned. Whether it’s a chart on a projection screen, an article in a newspaper or a page in a textbook, most people will have a positive approach to the information if they can see it clearly and easily. This has huge implications on learning. Positive or negative feelings and perceptions determine the levels of motivation, comprehension and retention that will be achieved.

Crisp, clear and accurate vision is the firm foundation from which successful academic performance can be built.

Easy to Read is Perceived as Easy to Do

Studies show that when information and instructions are easy to read, people tend to think it will not take much time and effort and dive right in. On the other hand, when information and instructions are not easy to read, people perceive the task to be difficult, time consuming and are reluctant to approach it.

Communicate with Your Eye Doctor

Talk to your eye doctor and discuss ways to enhance all areas of your child’s visual health. More than likely, it will enhance his or her academic performance and confidence.  This applies to students of all ages.

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