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A Time for Evaluating Vision and Eye Care

Evaluating Vision and Eye CareThe start of each New Year brings a time for evaluation and change.  Assessing vision and eye care are important steps in maximizing and maintaining eye health for you and your entire family.




Here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

  •  When was my and my family members’ last eye exam?
  • Are my and/or my family’s eye glasses prescription(s) up to date?
  • Are my and/or my family’s contact lenses prescription(s) up to date?
  • Is my and my family members’ vision clear both at a distance and close up?
  • Do I strain or do I notice my family member’s straining to see either at a distance or when reading?
  • Am I happy with the eye care and the eye wear my family and I have been receiving in the past?

 If upon answering these questions, you realize it’s time to see an eye care professional, consider the following:


It’s important to find an eye care specialist with the proper training to meet your and your family’s unique requirements. Be sure when selecting an eye doctor you investigate their education, training, licensure and other credentials to confirm he or she offers the services that match your needs. You can confirm credentials by contacting your state’s board of optometry.



Experience is a critical characteristic in the selection of an eye doctor, especially if you or a family member has complicated eye conditions. Experience enhances an eye doctor’s abilities and skills so they can catch eye problems early as well as detect other potential health problems through eye examinations.



The recommendation of a friend, family member or co-worker can be a great resource to point you in the right direction for selecting an eye doctor.  The Better Business Bureau can also be a great tool.

Quality and Customer Service

When it comes to your eye care and eye wear needs, you are a customer. You have choices of where to go and who to give your business to. You should be treated with respect and provided friendly and professional service. You should also be offered products that are made with quality and serve your eye care needs precisely.

Long Term Relationships

Finding an eye doctor that you and your family can build a long term relationship with is also a vital element that should not be overlooked. You should be relaxed with your eye doctor and communicate with him or her so your eye doctor can understand you, your family, your lifestyle, your careers and how best to provide the eye care that will be critical to the eye health of you and your family members at every stage of life.

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